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Michael is an accomplished musician, entertainer and songwriter with musical roots that trace back to growing up in cities nestled along the Mississippi, including Baton Rouge LA, Moline IL and Minneapolis, MN. His life-affirming approach and style reflect his optimistic outlook on the everyday world, his love of family and his mid-American values.


"I believe songs should tell a story and stir emotions in the listener like no other art form. While my songs originate from my life experiences, I hope that they connect with the audience the feelings we as humans have in common."

To listen to one of Michael's original songs, click below:

Mississippi MoonMichael Riddle
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"riddleMEmusic Time!"

Music for Seniors

"I provide what I like to call “therapeutic musical entertainment".  I specialize in engaging my audiences – to laugh, sing and even dance… to generally have fun!  My repertoire also enables me to adapt programs to themes that my clients wish to promote, such as seasonal programs, musical styles or games." 

Click here to view some "live" performances:

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"Mr. Mike"

Music for Kids

"Just teaching songs to kids and have them sing along is a lot of fun, but "Mr. Mike" is more than that. I use the power of music to tell stories and to help promote academic goals, such learning about letters, numbers and colors, even about different musical instruments. Music is also a great medium for memorization, whether it's learning about the seasons and holidays, or even what clothing is appropriate for the current weather conditions." 

To view some "live" performances, click here:

  • YouTube
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